Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good-bye Television ... It was great while it lasted.

Today I started listing all the movies I've ever seen. Thousands. Well that aint too bad ... maybe 5% of my lifetime.

Then I started on TV. Holy $#!+. I spent how much of my life on TV hours?

I just gave it up. I will now make a list of TV shows to buy when I retire. Until then, I'm going back to living life.

You might think that I watch too many movies, but that 5% also includes movies that I've seen on TV/Cable, but doesn't include reruns, and neither did the TV listing.

I'm going to allow myself one new movie, and one old movie per week MAX. That'll be about 3%.

Of course that will not include any time I'll be writing. I've become disconnected from the real world and it's time to hop back in.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

12 Movie Meme by Lazyeye via Emily of Bamboo Killers

Epic Bodycounts

Lawrence of Arabia
Saving Private Ryan
WWI & WWII Epic movies.

Five Deadly Venoms
The Sholin Temple
Martial Arts Movie Classics.

Pale Rider
The Quick and the Dead
Heroic Gunslinger Westerns.

Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Mummy
Archeological Action Adventure Movies.

The Last Starfighter
Star Wars
Science Fiction movies that show the little guy can win.