Saturday, February 23, 2008

Something to think on writers...

They say if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. But world will only do that if they know the moustrap exists.
-Stan Lee

Every time someone says, but if I put my script out, then somebody can steal the idea. Yeah ... it's a possibility ... but even if you have the world's greatest script, until people READ it, they won't come asking to buy it ... will they? So pop a few bucks to the WGA & to the copyright office in DC. Then GET IT OUT THERE or stop whining.

End of Destiny

Had to move more snow from the storm this morning, ran a movie out to my niece. Can you believe that she's never seen Raider of the Lost Ark? I found out when she wanted to see the fourth one, and then her mother tells me she hasn't seen the other three. So I ran across the first one and got it to her, and I'll pick up the The Last Crusade later in the week. Temple of Doom can wait until I come across it on discount some time. I finished the first disk of Daredevil, and am now on the second one. At the store today, I saw an extended version with more commentary. It will have to wait for now. Haven't done any writing for the last couple of days, so I'll have to put some time in tomorrow. Monday I have to go to the bank, then pay the cable bill.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Destiny Sucks!

Okay, so they named this storm Destiny. It's been snowing, and it seems likely that it will continue until ... TOMORROW. That's a long time to snow, and it means I'll be running out at least twice to remove snow. Ugh!

I suppose that gives me a couple hours before I make my first run. So I better get to it. Also watching Daredevil DVD with multiple commentaries, 6 featurettes, scene-studies, music videos, and a bunch of other extras. That's what made me pick up a copy of a movie I have already watched. Studios take note, that's what sells a DVD now. Had someone ask me whether to buy Blueray or HD-DVD the other day. My answer was, I was waiting to see whether VHS or Beta would win, or if 4-track tape or 8-track cassette would win. They got my point. One will eventually win, one will lose. If they get the cost of HVD disks to affordable, then both those standards will go bye-bye in favor of the MUCH larger HVD (Holographic video disk).

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

I completed a basic outline of my Romeo & Juliet variation. Took awhile to, figure out who was who and what sex, what occupation, what age, etc. Then of course there's the challenge of not just offing them both. Sorry, Hollywood doesn't often make money on tragedies.

I finished
Breaking In: How 20 Film Directors Got Their Start by Nicholas Jarecki. Read most of the directors, skimmed a few that I never heard of, and I knew none of their works, so the ability to make their knowlege work for me wasn't there. I still skimmed them looking for and finding the inner workings of the Hollywood system.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So I picked up a direct-to-DVD flick and am now just popping it on. "The Circle" is the name of it. I picked it up because on the back cover it lists:

"Shot in one uninterrupted take with no edits, the approach is not a mere cinematic device, but a thematic extension of the story."

So it sounds like it may be interesting visually, even if everything else sucks ... I'll post more after watching it.

As to the Anti-Piracy Title, this DVD has a great Anti-piracy message. Much Better than the you wouldn't steal a pocketbook or a car one. I'll credit Hart Sharp Video for it until I know otherwise.

I downloaded some movies for free.
Now big-time Mr. Moviestar can't the really big boat?
He can only have nine cars instead of twelve?
Actually, if you bought that DVD, the sale would've hit a milestone in the actor's contract, which kicked in a nice bonus, which he used to buy that car, where the paparazzi took those embarrassing pictures, that were posted by the mysterious blogger StarClops, who got interviewed in that magazine you get, but your creepy neighbor keeps stealing yours, so you knock on his door, but he moved away, and now a very cute girl is standing in front of you.
Watch Movies Legally.
It's good Karma."