Sunday, September 27, 2009

Film Review - Surrogates

Watched Surrogates Friday. A decent movie for Action and Sci-Fi. Overall pretty good. I didn't really feel any deep attachment to the characters, which is a drawback. The effects and story are solid enough though.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Things to avoid while filming

Teen's amateur horror shoot turns into personal snuff film

20 May, 02:09 PM

A 16 year-old teenager has accidentally hanged himself shooting an amateur horror film in the Russian city of Kondopoga, Northwest of Russia, Russian website reports.

The teenager, who has not been named, was rehearsing one of the scenes of his horror film in his apartment on May 16. According to his scrip, the main character had to hang himself because of unrequited love. He put his neck in the noose and then unfortunately fell from the chair he was standing on.

The police discovered his body after two days. According to the medical experts, the cause of boy’s death was asphyxia. There were no other injures on his body.

No criminal case has been opened regarding the death. The investigators believe that it was suicide.

The boy’s friends said that he had been shooting his horror film for three weeks and that he wanted to post it on the Internet.

Things are bad all over

We're not the only ones getting canned.

Russia to stop new cinema production in 2009.

7 Apr, 06:12 PM

The Russian Minister of Cultural Affairs Alexander Avdeev has said that Russia will stop new cinema production in 2009, Russian web-site reports. “We will just continue work on the films that were started last year” – Avdeev said at a session of The State Duma Special-Purpose Committee.

According to Avdeev’s speech, the Russian Ministry of Cultural Affairs will assign about 500 million rubles ($15 million) to supporting documentaries and children’s films. “This way we will save the proportion of money that would have been allocated to making motion pictures and nonfiction films. We will also avoid unemployment in the cinema sphere” – Avdeev said.

Avdeev added that film directors and producers will have to compete to retain their jobs, although he did not specify how. Those that win will be granted funding from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

Avdeev also said that the state is ready to help directors who make films touching on specific social problems. The Minister said he was sure that projects based on these themes would attract the interest of many famous directors and actors.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Commercials Should be Imported

Banned Comercials : 7-UP

I wish more commercials were like this, I might actually pay attention to them more.

NCIS:LA - TV Review

Well, that was boring ... I'll give it a couple to get better.
Most interesting backstory --- What is G's name?
Most Interesting character --- 'Hetty' Lange played by Linda Hunt.
Most interesting thing about the story --- Nothing ... bored me to near coma.