Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Review: Buster Keaton Collection

A collection of 10 short talky comedies starring Buster Keaton.

General Nuisance: Rich man enlists to impress a woman.

His Ex Marks the Spot: An ex-wife, alimony payments, and a shotgun wedding.

Mooching Through Georgia: Brothers enlist on opposite sides and do anything neccessary to keep each other alive.

Nothing But Pleasure: Trying to save a few dollars on shipping fees, a couple goes to detroit to buy their car.

Pardon my Berth Marks: A novice reporter goes to follow a story and gets caught up in it.

Pest from the West: A hapless millionaire falls for a two-timing (or three-timing) woman while vacationing in Mexico.

She's Oil Mine: An honest plumber duels a charlatan nobleman for the heart, and checkbook, of an oil heiress.

So You Won't Squawk: a lowly employee gets a taste of respect when people mistake him for the big-shot gangster, Louie the Wolf.

The Spook Speaks: New caretakers are hammered by an onslaught of spooky illusions as an old apprentice searches for new tricks.

The Taming of the Snood: A hatmaker almost gets killed when he becomes accidentally involved with a jewel-thief and her drunk maid.

Each has at least one great gag, so worth a go-through. More so if you love slapstick.

Monday, July 7, 2008

DVD Review: Buffalo Soldiers

A decent film, didn't really get me emotionally, but was okay. I was suprised at the rating of G on the box. Seems to me it would be more accurately rated PG. Danny Glover stars as a First Seargent in charge of an all black unit of federal soldiers who are in charge of the new mexico territories. They have to put down an indian uprising. Interesting topic, and worth a gander.


I have to leave it to Howard Koch, Philip G. & Julius J. Epstein; they know how to write a witty screenplay. So I finally got around to watching the entire thing. I was suprised. I had previously only caught snippets. There's alot of witty dialog in there. I don't know who put in the real witty bits, but I think I'll track down some of the writers other titles to figure it out. The pacing is relatively slow compared to today's standards; for those who haven't watched it. This is one of those things that, whether it was due to writers, actors, director, or the combination thereof, just worked wonderfully. I hope they won't try another remake.

Here's Looking at you, kid.