Friday, June 19, 2009


Ever get pulled over and wish you could say what you feel?
This video will make you feel better.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Miracle Mile (1988) - review

Since Lis has just had her premier of The Commune, I'm throwing up this review of one of her early favorites. So I found it on YouTube, as can be seen below.

Now, if you didn't grow up in the era, you might find this strange. They promised we'd die in a nuclear war when we were young, and they lied. So all the drumming of it in the news lately is like listening to oldies ... out of date. And now they tell us we're going to die of nukes, global warming, the end of the mayan calender, etc. I don't believe it. It's too easy. Honestly, either pollution or a lack of clean water will be our downfall, and both will take several generations to occur.

Back to the story, best performance was by Mare Winningham. You probably know her from Grey's Anatomy. A close second would be Mykelti Williamson. Most of the other performances weren't particularly great. The nice ending was the part about becoming diamond. I think the opening was better, but then, I'm a romantic at heart. Waiting 30 years to meet the one for him. Well, I'm still waiting. I see the best relationship is that of Lucy and Ivan Peters. Well, except the not speaking for 15 years. But I've known many who've spent their whole lives together with only one wife/husband. That's what I guess I want.

While I don't love it as much as Lis does, mostly because I'm not in that 80's mindset anymore, I'll give it a good overall story. I would have preferred a different ending, but I understand the Romeo & Juliet ending of better to be dead together in love.

All Parts of Miracle Mile:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

David Eddings Dead at 77.

I just found out he passed away a few days ago. It's to be expected, he loved his wife, and she died a couple years back, so he kind of lost all want to live.

I remember how I was introduced to his work. I was working as a shuttle driver for Budget Rent-a-Car at the airport and a book was left behind. I was bored alot, so I read it. Damn it was good. Turned out it was the second or third book of the Mallorean. So I ended up reading ALL his books.

Listed as #17 on the Top 20 Greatest Fantasy Writers.

I haven't slept much lately, so I'm keeping this short.