Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Review: Buster Keaton Collection

A collection of 10 short talky comedies starring Buster Keaton.

General Nuisance: Rich man enlists to impress a woman.

His Ex Marks the Spot: An ex-wife, alimony payments, and a shotgun wedding.

Mooching Through Georgia: Brothers enlist on opposite sides and do anything neccessary to keep each other alive.

Nothing But Pleasure: Trying to save a few dollars on shipping fees, a couple goes to detroit to buy their car.

Pardon my Berth Marks: A novice reporter goes to follow a story and gets caught up in it.

Pest from the West: A hapless millionaire falls for a two-timing (or three-timing) woman while vacationing in Mexico.

She's Oil Mine: An honest plumber duels a charlatan nobleman for the heart, and checkbook, of an oil heiress.

So You Won't Squawk: a lowly employee gets a taste of respect when people mistake him for the big-shot gangster, Louie the Wolf.

The Spook Speaks: New caretakers are hammered by an onslaught of spooky illusions as an old apprentice searches for new tricks.

The Taming of the Snood: A hatmaker almost gets killed when he becomes accidentally involved with a jewel-thief and her drunk maid.

Each has at least one great gag, so worth a go-through. More so if you love slapstick.

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