Friday, November 14, 2008


Since the last episode of life was sponsored by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. It got me thinking about a few charities, I'll add this one to the list.

Some others are Habitat for Humanity, and Hunt Of A Lifetime. I used to also do the Make a Wish Foundation, until they got in a tizzy about a hunting trip. Hell, if the kid's dying, give him his wish if it isn't illegal somewhere. But no ... we have to be politically correct. Cancer sucks, dying before you've had fun sucks, people being all P.C. when your dying need to experience a chemo treatment.

-If you aren't in the scraping for money category, at least donate what you can write off your taxes, preferably more. Hell, I don't even care if it's just for publicity, but if your sincere, it will help fill that void that you try to fill with drinking, drugs, or both.

On final charitable note:
This is a link for orphanages and their needs. You can actually see what needs doing and where. Lists include both regular needs and special projects like fixing the heating system or just having food. See, most people in America tend to take certain things for granted: food, clean water, heat, clothes. But when you don't have family, and you don't live where there are craploads of excess, then your pretty f****d. So before you drop $5 on a magazine that will be outdated in a few weeks, or on a coffee that will be gone in an hour, consider instead on donating that much to kids who really need it. Click on the Orphanages we sponsor and then you can look at their regular needs or special projects (which are often what we consider needs rather than wants).

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