Monday, October 5, 2009

Film Review - Zombieland

So Friday, I went to see Zombieland. While it had its holes, it isn't significant in this kind of comedy. Lots of dark humor. I loved it. My friend loved it. Ode to Zombieland.
Rules for surviving a zombie outbreak:
#1 Cardio. Zombies lead a very active lifestyle; so should you. First to go will be the fatties.
#2 Beware of Bathrooms. Zombies will get you when you're most vulnerable.
#3 Seatbelts: Its a safe bet unless your a moron you won't be hoofing it on foot at all times in the event of a zombie outbreak. So when travelling on four wheels wear your seat belt.
#4 Double-tap. If you think a zombie is dead shoot it again in the head just to be sure. Don't be stingy with your bullets.
#6 Cast Iron Skillet. Will crack a zombie skull like a melon.
#12 Bounty. You'll regularly need to clean up from killing zombies. Also doubles as T.P. if you run low.
#15 Bowling Ball : Crush a skull
#17 Don’t Be A Hero : Unless she may be the only female left
#18 Limber Up: You don't want to pull a muscle at a critical moment.
#22 Plan Your Escape: Always know a way out.
#29 Buddy System: Two can hold off more zombies than one.
#31 Check The Back Seat: And the trunkspace
#32 Enjoy the Little Things: The world's gone to hell, enjoy what you can.
#33 Swiss Army Knife.

This is like Return of the Living Dead, a zombie comedy. Go see it, it's funny as hell.

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