Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ben's Blog

It's been a bit ... but I thought I'd make a few posts and have them be more regular but rather ahead of time. I have quite a file of crap to blog about.

In other news, and to the point of the title, I came across Ben's Blog and here is a bit of one of his postings:

Once when we were here before there were a pair of japanese girls sat at a table by the window. They didn’t have much to say to each other but one had a her handbag open on her lap and perched inside it was an apricot coloured poodle whose beady black eyes clearly indicated that he was the brains of the group. Watching them sip tea in silence it was hard not to imagine that the handbag concealed levers and dog was using them to control his owner’s movements. Paris is full of little dogs but the thing about little dogs is that they never know they are little. To them, they are just dogs and therefore the most important thing in the street.
 Give it a whirl.

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