Friday, November 17, 2006

A couple of contributions to entertainment I've made

used to be a less zealot trekkie. So I tossed a couple bones during conventions that were tasty enough to get used.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Subspace transporter I gave to them (it was in the technology meeting) during a convention in Springfield, MA. The reasons it wasn't adopted by the federation (dangerous instability) was their puppy though.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Well, I know it wasn't JUST me, but when the show was brand new, I hit a convention where Nana Visitor (who played Major Kira Nerys) spoke. During the signing phase, where I got her autograph on a Kira Nerys action figure (which I must remember to Ebay soon). I asked her what she thought of the Doctor and the Major getting together. She replied that Kira would just as likely bounce him off the ceilings. I replied that it'd be funny though. She agreed, and I went on my way leaving the line of people behind to get their autographs. This was probably just after the 1st season of the show. So when the comedic episode of Fascination came on, I said "That's what I was talking about."

Yes, I could sit and create another easy thousand ideas of things for shows, the execution would be done mostly by those who have something more in industry experience, but they really need someone in many shows to add in ideas.

On that note, Broadcast TV Networks (free airwaves) are lacking having a sci-fi show. Really, whatever station puts one on right now will have 100% of the audience that doesn't get sci-fi channel. Consider that if people are willing to pay for sci-fi, then putting such a show on the air is good. While the nielson people generally don't seem to like sci-fi shows, it could be deemed remarkable that most shows get bought for the Sci-Fi channel or end up getting a movie made due to popular demand.

While there doesn't seem to be as much popularity for medievalesque shows on TV, given the success of LOTR, there should be at least some exploration into something along that lines. What most studios fail to do is give enough to create a depth of feel to shows like that, they'd need to have a toy, clothing, costume, etc. media campaign with them to be successful.

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