Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So I picked up a direct-to-DVD flick and am now just popping it on. "The Circle" is the name of it. I picked it up because on the back cover it lists:

"Shot in one uninterrupted take with no edits, the approach is not a mere cinematic device, but a thematic extension of the story."

So it sounds like it may be interesting visually, even if everything else sucks ... I'll post more after watching it.

As to the Anti-Piracy Title, this DVD has a great Anti-piracy message. Much Better than the you wouldn't steal a pocketbook or a car one. I'll credit Hart Sharp Video for it until I know otherwise.

I downloaded some movies for free.
Now big-time Mr. Moviestar can't the really big boat?
He can only have nine cars instead of twelve?
Actually, if you bought that DVD, the sale would've hit a milestone in the actor's contract, which kicked in a nice bonus, which he used to buy that car, where the paparazzi took those embarrassing pictures, that were posted by the mysterious blogger StarClops, who got interviewed in that magazine you get, but your creepy neighbor keeps stealing yours, so you knock on his door, but he moved away, and now a very cute girl is standing in front of you.
Watch Movies Legally.
It's good Karma."

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