Friday, February 22, 2008

Destiny Sucks!

Okay, so they named this storm Destiny. It's been snowing, and it seems likely that it will continue until ... TOMORROW. That's a long time to snow, and it means I'll be running out at least twice to remove snow. Ugh!

I suppose that gives me a couple hours before I make my first run. So I better get to it. Also watching Daredevil DVD with multiple commentaries, 6 featurettes, scene-studies, music videos, and a bunch of other extras. That's what made me pick up a copy of a movie I have already watched. Studios take note, that's what sells a DVD now. Had someone ask me whether to buy Blueray or HD-DVD the other day. My answer was, I was waiting to see whether VHS or Beta would win, or if 4-track tape or 8-track cassette would win. They got my point. One will eventually win, one will lose. If they get the cost of HVD disks to affordable, then both those standards will go bye-bye in favor of the MUCH larger HVD (Holographic video disk).

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