Friday, June 27, 2008

Film Review - WANTED

At first I was going to go because the digital effects shots (or some of them) were filmed with a RED ONE, but after seeing the trailer, I decided it might be worthwhile to catch bigscreen.

On the action, digital effects, I wasn't dissapointed. The rest was an Okay movie as far as action movies are concerned. But as a whole, the plotline is good for a video game, but not for a movie. I am suprised, in fact, that a video game isn't readily available.

I think this will do well, especially among the disenfranchised people in America. There were some flaws that keep it from going really long term in the theatres. But if you want some boom, bang, and digital effects this weekend, then go out and see it now.

Most people either Love it, or Hate it, with only a few in between.

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