Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Review - Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2. I heard the reviews, and while most said it was good, they had a problem with the middle of the movie. Well, I suppose that it's true that the middle was slower than the beginning and end, but it all played well for story. The Tony Stark / Pepper Potts love story was a bit all over the place, but that's more realistic. 

On the negative side, Sam Rockwell's character (Justin Hammer) felt like a 70's throwback, more sleazy car salesman than weapons-monger. And while Don Cheadle did a decent job with James Rhodes, he lacked the same quality that Terrence Howard brought to the character.

Some nifty new toys added to the Iron Man arsenal. 

There's some references in the movie, most notably to the upcoming Avengers movie, and Captain America's shield showed up.

Finally, the teaser trailer at the end really didn't do justice for sitting through the credits for most of the crowd. Was that the handle of Thor's Hammer at the end? Although it was funny to see the expressions of the few who did leave whose confusion was evident when most of the crowd was still sitting while the credits rolled.

It was worth the money, go ahead and see it.

I went on Tuesday because it's $6 for all showings on Tuesday. I expect to get back to the movies regularly now. I figure that the maximum price for a regular ticket should have been tied to the minimum wage hour. Being 1.5X that, higher fuel prices, as well as higher costs of living while employment and earnings stagnate seems to be the largest detractor gor crowds in the theater. So why DO people go to movies? So they have something other than network TV to talk about with their friends and coworkers. As the number of available channels for entertainment rises, the less we seem to have to chat with others on. This is what has really kept the broadcast networks going. Everyone wants to talk and give their opinion on common ground.

Next film I'm going to see at the theater will be Prince of Persia. Wonder if I still have the DOS game around.

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