Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hollywood and Filmmaking. (INDIGO DVD)

Best bit From INDIGO extras:

From: Conversations with the Filmaker's

Stephen Simon:
Being able to see this films in various different buildings around the world ... that's an extraordinary experience. Because ... we are saying something new about ourselves, to ourselves. That we can make movies for this audience. That we don't have to dumb them down. That we don't have to quote "HOLLYWOOD-IZE" them. We can actually make films from our hearts and our souls. And we don't have somebody sitting over our shoulder "You know what. Maybe you should make that a little bit broader so that everybody could like it."; and what happens is: everyone walks out the theater saying "y'know what ... that was ... okay.".
James Twyman:
I'm really glad you said that, because that so often does happen in Hollywood. And when we set to make 'Indigo', and these other films, it was with the intent of making this with integrity. And ... and what I think is going to happen, is going to expand the natural audience. There are those people who read our books, and people who are in this sort-of field. But there are millions of people who are not, Y'know, being "preached to like the choir". And ... uh ... and I think that movies like 'Indigo' are going to reach out past that natural audience, and touch millions of people that would not normally be touched by these things. And they're going to begin to let them ask those same questions ... and, so I think this is very exciting, this 'spiritual film' genre is going to expand in ways that we haven't even thought of.

Point of the above is that while it's okay to make it a bit outside a small intended audience, it shouldn't try to make everyone happy. When you make it to try to include everyone, it tends to be mediocre.

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