Saturday, March 29, 2008

Part IV - Book Review - The Big Picture by Edward Jay Epstein

You might want to begin with my first, second and third posts on The Big Picture : The New Logic of Money and Power in Hollywood by Edward Jay Epstein.

This is on the Social Logic of Hollywood.
Chapter 22 About the difference between only making movies for money, and those for social reasons.
Chapter 23 Hollywood community vs. the outsiders
Chapter 24 about the Elites of Hollywood (categorically)
(Stars, Directors, Agents, Writers, Producers, Execs, & Gurus)
Chapter 25 Reasons for work
Chapter 26 Hollywood Deceptions (Psuedoheroes, Psuedorealism, Psuedoyouth, Psuedoacting, Psuedopraise, Psuedo credits, & Psuedonews)

Political Logic of Hollywood
Chapter 27 Shaping the views of people watching
Chapter 28 Politics & social pressure groups and Hollywood
Chapter 29 Politics that affect Hollywood globally.

Epilogue The Future of Hollywood and movies.

I'm off to the library to get the book I read years ago that just arrived by inter-library loan, and there's another few books that I'll probably read next week, plus maybe a DVD or two.

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