Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Part III - Book Review - The Big Picture by Edward Jay Epstein

You might want to begin with my first and second post on The Big Picture : The New Logic of Money and Power in Hollywood by Edward Jay Epstein.

We start with Production aspects.
Chapter 6 - details Developmental Hell.
Chapter 7 covers getting the green light.
Chapter 8 is a short synopsis of pre-production work, post-greenlight.
Chapter 9 is a synopsis of production shooting.
Chapter 10 is a synopsis on CGI and sound in post.
Chapter 11 covers editing and the costs of getting it caught up in a clearing house.

We move onto creating (or finding) the audience.
Chapter 12 covers the basis to create an awareness of a movie.
Chapter 13 covers the publicity and marketing campaign and costs for a film.
Chapter 14 covers theatrical release dates.

On to the economics of hollywood.
Chapter 15 deals with how theaters make (or lose) money, ratings, length of stay for a film, etc.
Chapter 16 deals with foreign market distribution and advertising.
Chapter 17 covers the the home video revolution (in all formats).
Chapter 18 covers television distribution.
Chapter 19 covers basic merchandising.
Chapter 20 covers why violence, or nudity may be added or subtracted to fit the audience, regardless of the story.
Chapter 21 talks about winning rough formulaes, especially those in relation to the billion-dollar-earning movies.

That's about it for now, tune in for part IV.

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